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Euro Diesel B6




The petrol-station is with continuious working regime. The following products are offered: petrol A 95 H and Euro diesel. The site is suited for work with the heavy vehicles, all necessary distances have been observed, height and radiuses of the turns for normal site access, there is a separate petrol pump for Euro diesel, equipped with high-flow-rate guns for fast refill. Each type of fuel can also be used for refill of light vehicles; The servicing staff is trained to a high professional standard, correct and efficient.

Company cards
The established system for filling by cards enables the companies who have signed a contract with us to avoid payment in cash. Convenient for the client is also payment by installments for the purchased commodities, fuels and services.
The clients under contract are entitled to preferential prices for all commodities and services offered by the complex.

24-hour shop
The clients in the petrol station have at their disposal a 24-hour shop offering great variety of commodities.